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Data privacy

We and our third-party providers use technologies (e.g., cookies) to store and/or access information on users’ devices to process personal data such as IP addresses or browsing data. You may consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes listed below. You may also set your preferences before giving your consent or refuse to do so. Please note that some suppliers may process your personal data based on their legitimate business interests and do not ask for your consent. To exercise your right to object to processing based on legitimate interest, please see our list of suppliers. In order to use certain services for the purposes listed below, we need your consent. By clicking “Accept All”, you agree to these terms (revocable at any time). This also includes your consent to the transfer of certain personal data to third countries, including the United States, in accordance with Article 49 (1) (a) of the GDPR. You can, below, change your settings or opt-out of data processing. You can change your choice at any time under the heading “Cookie Management” at the bottom of each page. For more information, including information about third-party vendors, technologies and data processing, please see our privacy policy. You can change your privacy settings or withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on our privacy button.

Objectives and purposes

Store and/or access information on a terminal

Cookies, terminal identifiers or other information may be stored or accessed on your terminal for the purposes presented to you.

Select standard ads

Ads may be presented to you based on the editorial content you view, the application you use, your approximate location, or your device type.

Create a custom ad profile

A profile may be created about you and your interests to show you personalized ads that may be of interest to you.

Select personalized ads

Personalized advertisements may be shown to you based on a profile created about you.

Measuring ad performance

The performance and effectiveness of the ads you see or interact with can be measured.

Develop and improve products

Your data may be used to improve existing systems and software and to develop new products.


Use accurate geolocation data

Your precise geolocation data may be used to support one or more purposes. This means that your location may be accurate to within several meters.

  • Partners can: Collect and process specific geolocation data in support of one or more purposes.

N.B. Accurate geolocation means that there are no restrictions on the accuracy of a user’s location; it can be accurate to within a few meters.

Objectives outside the IAB framework



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